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A Canoe Guide Goes Online

Once upon a time, I was a canoe guide in Alaska. I loved it. Taking people on their once-in-a-lifetime Alaskan adventure was a life changing experience for them and for me. I met wonderful people, had fun, and introduced visitors to a unique landscape and destination that pulled many people from all over the world to it because of its rugged and natural beauty.

Fast forward a couple years, a pit-stop in Seattle on my way back to Texas, and I was introduced to the wonderful world of computer programming.

It’s obvious that the internet has changed travel forever, and I found my unique skill set as a tour operator and computer programmer as a powerful combination that could help people discover the destinations of a lifetime as well as reach out to me personally for any hand-holding and question answering. Kind of like guiding people through the online travel world.

Helping Others Plan Their Travel Led To This Site

So, just so you don’t think I’m a two trick pony, I was also in the Peace Corps in South America and have traveled and lived extensively around the southern continent. While I was studying Spanish in Cuenca, Ecuador from a retired teacher originally from North Carolina, my eyes were opened to the expat community around Latin America (and eventually the world) and the growing number of retirees who were using the lower cost of living to extend their savings, live the retirement they desired, and have multiple adventures of a lifetime!

With a head full of firsthand experience, I have been helping my parents organize trips for almost ten years, and frankly, I’ve gotten pretty good at organizing around things like health concerns, eating and drinking recommendations, communication and flight info, as well as emergency action plans. Not just for travel south of the border, but also to places along the gulf states and the mountain West.

The traveling senior has a few special considerations, but after that, aren’t we all just going to have fun? These kinds of plans are my passion and I truly aim to give you the experience of a lifetime.

The information on this site should help you plan for yourself, book, and go! But if you ever have any questions or concerns about your itinerary or if you want to report back on your experience, I’d love to hear from you.

Create Your Adventure And Go

Within Senior South you have all the tools you will ever need to research, plan, and book your adventure to destinations throughout the world.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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