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Planning a Florida vacation might soon require a college class.  A simple search for information becomes a rabbit hole you will not emerge from until after your vacation!  The key is to find the best book for travel guiding, and when it comes to Florida travel guides, my top choice has become the tried-and-true lonely planet books. So rest easy and know you won’t miss a thing.

Even when it comes to deciding between the Everglades boat tour or the snorkeling adventure, Lonely Planet’s reviews of tours, operators, and locales could save the day…or at least end a discussion before it gets out of hand (if you’re travelling with a spouse or teenager you know what I mean)

One more thing, I do recommend getting the kindle edition on these, especially with the new waterproof kindle.  You can load up all your books for reading on the beach and your guide book in one convenient place and still travel light!

Product: Florida by Lonely Planet

Price: $16.20 or $0.00 with Kindle Unlimited

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My review: 9/10

This book has it all in a very succinct and easy to navigate way.  If you aren’t familiar with Lonely Planet, they have books for all over the world.  The Florida books continue the tradition of excellence in finding the local secrets and providing planning advice on the how to’s, how much’s, and when is the best time to go.

There is something for everyone in Florida.  Which can only compound the difficulty of choosing where to go.  I suggest getting this guidebook before you book any flights or have any concrete plans.  Reading the firsthand accounts of the authors experiences and informed by others they have interviewed may just make you choose flying into Tampa Bay instead of Orlando, skipping Miami for Key West, or even tip you off on a hidden beach somewhere with reefs and snorkeling that would impress Jacques Cousteau.

Product: Florida by Fodor’s Travel

Price: $17.25 or $9.99 Kindle

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My review: 8.5/10

A great option is of course the Fodor’s Travel books.  To be honest, the pictures and maps in this book are some of the best I have seen, so if you are a visual person this book might be the one to go for.  In fact the only major difference for me is the price, with this one being at the top of the range, but with all the information still quite a bargain.

The book definitely covers Florida from top to bottom including the historical sites, beaches, and of course Walt Disney World.  Packed with information and detail, you won’t have any questions about the recommendations from Fodor’s.  They also have sample itineraries that make planning a tad easier than some of the other guide books.  All information is up-to-date and fully vetted by the editors, which makes this book one of the best for the serious traveler going to Florida for the first time.

Product: Florida Backroads Travel by Mike Miller

Price: $21.95 or $9.99 Kindle

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My review: 10/10

Ok, so I have to introduce you to this one.  If you’ve been to Florida more than once, you’ve definitely seen beautiful small roads lined with massive trees leading to beaches you can only imagine just the locals get to enjoy.  Well with this book, you not only have access to enjoy all of the locales in your imagination, but you can choose which ones you actually want to go to.

Anyone reading this blog for more than one post will realize I love a good road trip, and this book has been a favorite guide for me from Jacksonville to Key West and introduced me to people and places that those who stick to the main destinations miss out on.  So if you are an experienced Florida traveler or just want a more original experience, then this book is one for you!

Ok, so I’ve given you three options, and you really can’t go wrong with any 🙂 but let me know if you count on one that I’ve left out.  There are some really specific books out there as well, for example a book just about Miami, or the Florida Keys are easy to find and might just be what you need if you know your trip is just to a single location.

If you need anymore information on Florida Travel or want to just leave a comment and let me know your thoughts, please feel free below!

Saludos, John

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