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OK let’s face it. There’s not much a Caribbean cruise won’t fix. When considering the vast amount of senior cruises out there, it doesn’t take a genius to know that you have to at least consider the topaz waters, white sandy beaches, and pirate rich history of the Caribbean. No matter what the stress is, a week of island hopping can clear your mind, center your heart, and maybe package a bit of cheer for you to take with you as you head home! Senior Cruises are typically defined as those were the passengers are (mostly) 55+.

So let’s say you make the easy decision to head to this crown jewel of cruising experiences. But now you probably realize you have a whole other problem and one that is not quite as easy to solve…

Where in the Caribbean do you go? And with what Cruise Company? How can you find a cruise that will give you the best experience as an active adult?

Not to fear. Your trusty online travel expert is here to at least give you his opinion 🙂 And feel free to post yours in the comments below!

A quick note. I am going to skip 3 night and 4 night itineraries. I don’t feel like they the traveler enough time to leave the hectic work week behind and by the time you have decided on your favorite restaurant on the ship, you’re already back in port. So if a quick trip is what you want — and you’re adamant about not enjoying life — well then after reviewing the itineraries below you can just choose from one of the excellent 3 day or 4 day packages here.

Otherwise these are going to be considering 7 day cruises.

Senior Cruises:

The Eastern Caribbean

Many cruise lines sail the chain of islands known as the Eastern Caribbean. Each island is a unique capsule of culture, history, ethnicity and beauty. Make sure you take shore excursions here to get to know the destinations and this trip may be one of the most life changing experiences you ever do.

Usual Ports of Call: Grand Turk, Dominican Republic, Half Moon Cay, Jamaica, Ocean Cay, St. Maartens

Many times the Eastern Caribbean Islands pass underneath the cruise ships with only superficial shore excursions that start to blend together into beautiful but potentially homogeneous experiences of beaches, sand, surf, and warm rum.

However, for many who have been to the island of St. Maartens, Da Party Bus Island tour offers a refreshing artistic explosion of culture, color, and fun. Welcomed on to a school bus with a tasty rum drink and then shown the rich history and culture of the former Dutch colony is an experience I highly recommend!

Compare Easter Caribbean Cruises here.

The Western Caribbean

Avoiding certain hurricane damaged islands, the western Caribbean has become more popular lately. The Caribbean coast of Mexico, Belize, and Honduras offer Mayan ruins, famous Caribbean nightlife, and shore excursions that are probably what you have in mind when you think of a Caribbean cruise.

Usual Ports of Call: Cozumel, Cancun, Belize, Honduras, Cayman Islands

While some shore excursions on these cruises can leave you feeling a little, well, ripped. The Cozumel jeep and beach adventure tours that take you through Yucatan Rainforest to Mayan ruins will not disappoint you. Often a next stop, Belize offers world-class scuba diving and definitely take advantage of any cave tubing trips through their underground caverns. Combined with the youthful energy of the usual crowd on these tours, this senior cruise might be an invigorating experience.

Compare Western Caribbean Cruises here.

The Southern Caribbean

For the more experienced, the southern Caribbean cruises are amazing opportunities to feel like you’ve really left your life behind for a while. Usually leaving from a foreign port of call and cruising through beautiful blue waters filled with old Spanish, British, and Dutch Fortresses the southern Caribbean is as close as you can come to the Age of Pirates without a time machine.

Usual Ports of Call: Puerto Rico, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. John’s, Antigua, Tortola, St. Thomas

OK, so I’m a history buff and while I would love you to make sure you get to Shirley Heights on Antigua, I have to make sure you do the Sea Trek in Puerto Rico! Literally amazing. You put an astronaut like helmet on and then go for a walking tour on the floor of the ocean. I dare you to not come back to the surface with a grin on your face!

Compare Southern Caribbean Cruises here.

The Bahamas

And just when you thought you had made up your mind… Kaboom! The Bahamas. This large island nation just to the southeast of Miami deserves its own mention. Several cruises focus just on the sun soaked islands, warm people, and legendary natural beauty.

Usual Ports of Call: Nassau, Great Stirrup Cay, Grand Bahama Island

OK, so most people go to the Bahamas to snorkel or scuba dive, and that is valid. However on land there are some major attractions. In Nassau, a colorful city full of culture and history be sure to take the cigar factory and Rum museum tours. If your cruise gives you the chance to go to Atlantis, then a day spent at the Aquaventure theme park has water slides that will have you giggling like a school kid again. And of course, don’t forget that pigs can swim in the Bahamas!

Find your Bahamas cruise here.

The Good News

Well hopefully this decision wasn’t too stressful for you. The good news is that by using the Cruise Direct platform you can search thousands of cruises and cruise lines without a booking fee to get the lowest rates on any cruise you choose! So perhaps you just might make it to all the ports of call in the Caribbean! How’s that for a bucket list?

Saludos! John

P.S. would love any reviews from anyone who’s been to these places lately in the comments below!

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  1. Hi John,
    I’m so glad I found your blog. We’re planning a birthday cruise to the Caribbean and I’m pleased to know that Eastern Caribbean cruise will be a life changing experience.
    I’ll also love to do a cruise to the Bahamas and spend the day at Aquaventure theme park. I wonder if it will be similar to Aquaventure water park in Dubai.

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